Some of our Partners

PSi is currently building a growing network of partners.

Growth Stages

Growth Stages is a collaborative team of successful individuals that can help you grow and develop your business. Our goal is to help you grow your business through our expertise by helping you manage through the various stages of the business cycle addressing change management, leadership & team development and business integration…


Luxinnovation is the National Agency for Innovation and Research and the first-stop shop for research and innovation in Luxembourg. Luxinnovation can offer its entire range of services to all sectors of the Luxembourg economy.

Frank Partners

Frank-Partners works with clients over the long term to develop and execute an appropriate Services strategy that increases revenues and profitability, by releasing their organisations inherent knowledge and capability.

Business Paradigms Limited

Business Paradigms Limited sees itself as a Catalyst for change. BPL assists organisations with reformulating their strategies, developing action plans and building team cohesion.