Nick speaks at SME 2015 on monetising technology

by NIck Frank on June 18, 2015

SME agendaNick was speaking at the SME conference at the ExCel on Tuesday the 16th on how to Monetize the Technology.  He believes the secret ingredients are  Service Thinking with a dose of imagination.  You can down load his presentation through this link – 150616_ The secret ingredient to monetizing all that connectivity stuff(for distribution)

Later in the day he took part in a panel discussion with Steve Foxley, Director of Customer Services UK and Professor Tim Baines from Aston Business School talking about how Field Service will evolve.  Hosted by Kris Oldland from Field Service News, it was fascinating stuff. Tim Baines talked about technology not just as a capability, but as an enabler of a paradigm shift in thinking. It is this ‘Thinking’ that changes the way we look at how our businesses work, and the skills people need. As we transform to focusing more on outcomes, so the skill set of Field Service will evolve. Not only the soft skills, but also the use of technology and working in virtual team. And with all this technology we discussed the impact of security, and how it is a subject that managers must get up to speed on. Steve Foxley gave us some insights into Siemens view on big data, and  research that shows that using the data in businesses more effectively can boost growth by up to 8%. But he also alerted us to the fact  that the opportunities presented by connectivity and data  will take time to realise as companies build infrastructure and understanding.


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