Service Community Event on Outcome based services

by NIck Frank on April 30, 2015

Service Community logoI was involved in organising a great service community event on the 16th April . Many thanks to the speakers for giving up their time:

Veronica Martinez a globally eminent researcher in the area of Servitisation, presented an overview of the research she has been doing with the Cambridge Service Alliance. She told us how some of the worlds leading brands have approached developing Outcome Based Services, giving an exceedingly deep insight into the change process. Brilliant for any manager working on service transformation!

 Alex Bill gave his perspective of developing Outcome Based Service at the coal face. As a service professional in a major Power Generation OEM, he gave us insights into how the business model to make money is not as simple as just selling a service.

Des Evans, the Ex CEO of MAN UK gave us the business perspective on servitisation, with insights from his 23 year journey to grow the business from £55M to £550M. It was a must ‘hear’ for anyone selling service concepts to their board.

Chris Farnath Director International at Allocate Software, shared his own personal journey in leading business change toward outcome based services in the IT/Software world. Again incredibly useful to understand how he is approaching the ‘messy’ challenge of service transformation.

For more on the event, and a personal perspective from one of the attendees, see


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