SMe 2013: Is Big data entering the world of service management?

by NIck Frank on May 23, 2013

SMThe 2013 Service Management Expo at the Birmingham NEC in May was a little earlier than usual as it was incorporated into the Facilities show.

This probably accounted for the slightly smaller number of exhibitor’s, which was again dominated by Service Management system providers. Walking around the different vendors, its hard to find real points of differentiation. But perhaps things are changing!  We found that one of the most interesting attendees at the show was the appearance of Panintelligence. This is a company that specialises in managing and presenting data using what is commonly known as dashboards.  These are designed directly for clients or are supplied as an integrated software module for some of the larger solution providers. As an increasing number of their clients are coming from the Service Management domain, they attended the show to get a better feel for the market. Perhaps this is a sign of change as managers realise that turning data into intelligence is the key to capturing the 10-25% productivity improvement that Service Management solutions can offer.

And it should be remembered that service organisations are generating more and more data on customers for two key reasons:

  1. As service organisation touch so many of a company’s customers it becomes the conduit for information on customer behaviour and experience
  2. Service teams are now increasingly connected to equipment through remote M2M interfaces, so the volume of potential data available on equipment health is growing exponentially.

The challenge of analysing vast quantities of data from a multiple sources, which is sometimes known as ‘Big data’ is very real. But if it can be overcome with new technology and understanding, then there are a huge opportunities for service businesses to gain ever deeper insights into customer experience and so deliver propositions that really deliver value.


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