PSi help Luxembourg Artisans explore Service Innovation growth opportunities

by NIck Frank on January 4, 2013


During the month of November, Jean-Marc Rommes of PSi was asked by the Chambre des Métiers of Luxembourg to do a series of three Service Innovation workshops aimed at small enterprises all round Luxembourg.

Using case studies and interactive discussions,  the workshops explored with over 60 managers/owners/entrepreneurs  how SME’s can differentiate themselves to their customers through services.

Also participating in the workshop were Luxinnovation who talked about the type of state aid that is available to SME’s to develop their businesses.

Run in both Luxembourgish and French, the workshops covered 3 areas:

1: Why Service innovation
Why innovation in services is a key success factor for SME’s  to;
• Generate new revenue through innovative services
• Increase customer loyalty
• Diversify, streamline and individualize your services.

2: Discovery
The identification of opportunities for innovation in services:
• Assess how customers see your business
• Make the right strategic choices
• Analyze your chain of value creation.

3. Implementation
How to start a profitable innovation strategy for your business:
• Start your innovation
• Engage your teams
• Measure the profitability of your project and sustain its implementation.


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