Nick presenting service innovation case study at CAISE’12

by NIck Frank on June 12, 2012

Nick will be presenting a case study on the dramatic impact of service innovation on the fastener industry at the CAISE’12 conference on June 26th 2012 to be held at Gdansk.  CAISE’12 is one of the leading international conferences on Advanced Information Systems Engineering. Nick will be taking part in a workshop on  service innovation case studies as well as participating as a panelist during the closing comments of the day. Nick’s paper reviews how since the 1990’s service innovation has dramatically changed the face of the fastener industry. Distributor’s offering VMI type services have significantly increased market share, leaving fastener manufacturers unable to sometimes talk directly to their customers. As one of the earliest known example of servitisation, this case study is unique in that we have had time to see what the actual impact has been on the industry. Having created one of the first Full Service Provider programmes in the Automotive industry, Nick is able to bring an insider view of the changes and why they happened. For a copy of the paper, please contact Nick on or




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