Nick Speaking at Innovation for Financial Service Summit

by NIck Frank on August 25, 2011





Nick will be co-presenting with Mark Notschaele from Cetrel at the Innovation in Financial Services Summit in Luxembourg on the 23rd September 2011 which has been organised by the Public Research Centre Henri Tudor

The topic is on Creating focus and clarity, before starting the journey to results and relates Cetrel’s recent experiences in formalising an innovation process for their business.

CETREL had a history of technology & service innovation within the Luxembourg Financial sector, but realised that to retain its position as a centre of excellence  for Issuing Processor services, it needed to invest in its technology and particularly innovative/step changing technology

However CETREL identified there was no clear definition of innovation in the business, which led to the mixing of research projects with standard development projects, which slowed the innovation process. That not only did they need to look internally for ideas,, but that collaboration with leading researchers would be an effective way to remain on the leading edge of technology.

The presentation / workshop shows how a pragmatic working definition of innovation created a common language, the launch of a dedicated R&D team brought focus and a Product Service Innovation roadmap brought direction.


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