Luxembourg to become a Centre of Excellence for Service Science & Innovation Research

by NIck Frank on October 29, 2010

On the 26th October, PSi was invited to attend the official launch of a new research department, Service Science & Innovation(SSI) at the Centre de Recherche Public Henri Tudor. This team, led by Professor Eric Dubois, will develop tools and processes to drive the growth of Services business, whether they be in the professional services sector or driven out of manufacturing.

This is a bold and ambitious programme.

The group will grow to over 150 researchers, engineers and students. Already a major 5 year research project to be led by Erik Proper has been awarded and a European Executive Masters in Innovative Service Systems will be launched in 2011.

The idea and the need for Service Science as an area of research has been driven by IBM. Early on they realised that to excel in their transformation from manufacturer to services business, they had to create a conceptual framework for the development of services to enable them to continuously improve.

And now we start to see the impact as they implement their SmarterPlanet Strategy. So at the start of the evening it was great to hear some words of endorsement from IBM’s Jim Spohrer, one of the architects of company’s transformation.

We also heard about the vision for the department and the research project ‘Architecture-Based Service Innovation in Networked Enterprises’ to be led by Erik Proper. This project will develop a set of tools and processes “from strategy to execution” to help Luxembourg’s businesses maintain their competitive advantage.

And finally Jeannot Krecké, the minister for Economy and Foreign Trade kept our feet on the ground, by emphasizing that this is a great initiative, but that the Luxembourg government expects a return on its investment.

So this is quite an exciting initiative, and for us at PSi it is an endorsement of our approach to services development which we have been sharing with organisations in Luxembourg for the past year.

We look forward to working with the new team in what ever capacity we can add value.


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