Services Innovation workshop in Luxembourg

by jean Marc Rommes on August 10, 2010

Our recent Services Innovation workshop in Luxembourg highlighted that although many organisations, in various sectors, feel the need to innovate in the way they offer services to their customers, they see challenges in the implementation and the sustainability of their services initiatives.

The difficulties for many senior managers lies in:

  • Creating a sufficient sense of urgency in the company to overcome initial resistance hurdles from all corners of the organisation
  • Building a strong coalition around a well defined transformation objective
  • Adhering to a basic three step approach that will create the necessary momentum:
    • Decide on a strategy that will be relevant to the external and internal context and constraints of the company
    • Design a robust plan for action that takes into account the necessary cultural change aspects related to the new strategy
    • Deliver on the plan and communicate appropriately (and profusely) on the progress achieved, both internally and externally.

In the course of the discussion, it transpired that these fundamental principles do not just apply to large organisations, but also to SMEs, and even not-for-profit organisations: ultimately, the principles are valid for any entity that caters to customers – and we’d like to challenge anyone to find us an actively operating commercial or non commercial entity without customers.

The success of the event prompted us to programme repeat sessions for the autumn, both in English and French, at the Chamber of Commence in Luxembourg. (We will also look at delivering events across Europe). Further information will be available as of September 2010.


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