Services for Logistics workshop • Luxembourg 11 May 2010

by jean Marc Rommes on April 26, 2010

What does the increasing trend towards services mean for the Logistics in Luxembourg?

On 11 May 2010, we will be running a short workshop on this topic during the Cluster for Logistics meeting at the Chamber of Commerce in Luxembourg.

This event will be of interest to leaders of Logistics and Industrial businesses trying to understand how the trend towards services is shaping their competitive environment.

This process of joining services to products (servitization) is long established and growing in importance in today’s economic climate.
The goal of the meeting is to allow attendees to understand the impacts on their businesses through stimulating discussions on:
  • The impact of the services trend on Logistics and Supply Chain
  • The implications on the workforce and training
  • Practical steps to understanding how well you organisation is capable of managing this change
  • Identify barriers that stop business from developing their services in Luxembourg
Nick Frank and Jean-Marc Rommes will facilitate the discussion using their expertise in Services development and the management of cultural change.

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