Welcome to PSi

The need for service innovation

Research and customer feedback show that the demand for services development and creative new approaches in services design and delivery is growing every year in all sectors of industry.

In the face of mounting competition from the “low-cost” countries (that are not always so low cost and are increasingly focusing on added value services along with their manufactured products), and in the context of the increasing complexity of integrated services offerings by many  industry leading competitors, most industrial companies, large or small, can ill afford to ignore the race for a more diversified product-service offering.

However, many companies struggle to build a profitable pro-active services palette for their customers. Too often, service comes as an afterthought and remains a costly exercise in overhead damage control, not creating new revenue streams, let alone profit.

Increased revenues and profits

PSi helps companies increase revenues and profits from services through:
  • Developing an awareness for what services development (servitisation) might mean for them
  • Assessing their current potential for profitable service diversification
  • Assisting with the implementation of service strategies, including the learning and development needs associated with both  the process and the cultural aspects of any transformation effort.
PSi offers customised programmes based on several modular, independent but interrelated product streams that include:
  • Services strategy consulting
  • Organisational gap analysis and evaluation
  • Change management and facilitation and execution
  • Learning, coaching and development programmes.